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Intelligent solutions

Intelligent solutions - regardless of your business' requirements. We can create the ideal application or piece of software and ensure successful implementation and integration with your current business functionality.

Streamline and Improve Business Processes.

By implementing a precisely developed application or system into your busines practice, you can analyse, track, improve and re-design your processes to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and experience stronger and faster business growth.

Certified Developers

Our software developers are passionate, and Microsoft Certified (MCSD) (MSAD), with specialist experience using .NET and SQL to build world class solutions.

Workflow Solutions

What are Workflow Systems?

An application or system which streamlines business-related work processes. The system is focused on the distribution or allocation of work-items between business units and individual users. Work-items can be automatically assigned to a specific user or business unit depending on the status of the particular work-item.

Workflow systems are similar to manufacturing production lines. Core work-items are processed by personnel who are trained and specialised in handling a singular aspect of a work-item. Once a work-item has been completed, it passes to the next stage/business unit/person. The work performed at each stage can be reviewed or quality checked according to the business' QA requirements for that particular work-item. 

Improve Business Process. Increase Efficiency. Reduce Costs & Errors.

Often, businesses implementing a workflow system for the first time will be replacing an existing manual process. A successful workflow system doesn't negatively affect current business processes, and will create improvements to the process, generally in terms of speed, quality, efficiency, cost, quantity, record keeping, analysis, reporting or distribution.

Process Automation Example:

A customer hasn't payed their bill for a service and has ignored previous requests. A call centre employee receives a work-item which requires them to contact a customer regarding the outstanding debt which will result in service disconnection if not remedied immediately.

Upon calling, the customer informs the employee that he has will rectify the debt in the next few days. The call centre employee can then update the work-item to reflect this, which will postpone disconnection until payment arrives. If payment isn't received after a period of time, the work-item will automatically then be assigned to a disconnection department employee, who processes the work-item and disconnects the customer's service.

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