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_ _ Company Profile _ _

First Time Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, with a proven history of providing high end applications, websites and business systems to a variety of successful client partners.

Based in Melbourne, we drive the growth and success of our client’s businesses, creating outstanding solutions by encouraging and facilitating strong communication with all project stakeholders, to ensure we meet the complex needs of the business and their end-users.


_ _ Specialist Services _ _

Targeting medium to large enterprises and government, our services are a combination of astute analysis and planning, streamlined development and comprehensive implementation and support.

Our core business focus:

  • Business Software & Applications
  • High-end ASP.NET Web Development
  • Business Intelligence / Reporting
  • Database Development
  • Consulting


_ _ Mission _ _

At the outset, we carved a mantra to get the solution right, the first time. We aptly named ourselves First Time Solutions, to demonstrate to our audiences that we take this mantra seriously. We are able to deliver on this promise every time, by ensuring we stay true to our mission.

  1. Remain an authority in applications, websites and business systems.
  2. Constantly review, improve and implement new knowledge and systems.
  3. Create a process which fosters transparency and client involvement.
  4. Plant client success and growth at the core of all projects.
  5. Always deliver on what we promise, when we promise. The first time.


Microsoft Certified Application Developer

Microsoft Certified Application Developer




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